The Law Offices of David C. Shaw, LLC. provides comprehensive and effective representation of children and adults with disabilities. We represent children with disabilities and their families in special education and civil rights cases to ensure they receive a free appropriate public education and non-discriminatory treatment as required by the federal Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”) and Americans With Disabilities Act. Ours is a statewide practice. This means we will represent you whether you live in large urban areas or in remote areas of our state. In addition, Attorney Feinstein represents children and parents in New York state. Who We Are Contact Us Cost of Service Attorney Profiles Practice Areas Home
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Our law firm has two attorneys - Attorney David C. Shaw and Attorney Andrew A. Feinstein. This ensures that you will speak to a lawyer when you call and that your case will be handled by an attorney. We return calls promptly and keep you fully informed.
We are experienced trial lawyers and understand that trying cases is important. Boards of Education know that if we are on the other side we will fight as long and hard as necessary to achieve the best result for the client. This may mean a single hearing or an appeal to federal court. In Connecticut, few lawyers who represent parents try special education hearings to conclusion and even fewer are willing to pursue those cases through the federal courts.
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