The Law Offices of David C. Shaw, LLC. provides comprehensive and effective representation of children and adults with disabilities. We represent children with disabilities and their families in special education and civil rights cases to ensure they receive a free appropriate public education and non-discriminatory treatment as required by the federal Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”) and Americans With Disabilities Act. Ours is a statewide practice. This means we will represent you whether you live in large urban areas or in remote areas of our state. In addition, Attorney Feinstein represents children and parents in New York state. Who We Are Contact Us Cost of Service Attorney Profiles Practice Areas Home


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If you would like to consult with us on a legal matter within our area of practice, please telephone us. We can briefly discuss your case. If we conclude that it merits further review, we can then evaluate your case more fully and whether those actions are based on ordinary negligence, medical malpractice, or violation of civil rights or violation of rights secured by the federal and state special education or antidiscrimination laws. Of course, there is no fee or obligation for an initial consultation, either on the telephone or in the office.

Statutes of limitation limit the time within which claims may be brought. Statutes of limitation may vary with the jurisdiction, nature of claim, and the nature of the parties to the claim. In some circumstances, under Connecticut law, there may be even shorter periods in which notice of the claim must be given to a defendant. Because of this, we recommend that persons considering hiring an attorney to pursue a claim consult that attorney as soon as possible.

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