Children with disabilities are among the most vulnerable students in our school systems. They are often provided an inadequate education and are frequently placed in inappropriate settings. When these children are not able to function in the real world after graduation from high school, school officials are quick to blame the student and/or his/her disability, rather than attribute the problem to inadequate educational services.
David Shaw is a special education lawyer who for more than thirty years has focused his law practice on representing adults and children with disabilities. Attorney Shaw has litigated many of the lawsuits that have provided sweeping change in the lives of children and adults with disabilities. As an attorney experienced in special education law, Attorney Shaw has represented hundreds of children with disabilities in special education hearings and federal court and thousands of adults with disabilities in federal civil rights lawsuits.

Special Education Law
Helping parents and children with special needs secure the Free Appropriate Public Education to which they are entitled under the law.

Transitional & Residential Supports
Working with parents and their adolescent or adult children with disabilities to secure transitional services/residential supports.

Personal Injury
Representing children or adults with disabilities who have been injured through the negligence or abusive conduct of others.